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How to position your TV for the Best Film Experience

Positioning a TV on the wall may be more difficult than you imagine. If you do not know what to do it is certain that you should get away from you, did you spend a lot of money on this beautiful flat screen TV? So do not risk putting the TV bad and let the TV fall to the ground.

If you think you need to install a wall and set up a TV, the first thing you want to consider when buying a flat screen TV is that on the wall of your flat panel TV there is an option to install it. Read the owner’s manual and check if V.E.S.A is listed in the Owner’s Manual, which is dedicated to the Video Electronics Standards Society. If this is a short name on your TV, you know that TV meets the criteria for increasing the wall.

The next thing is what kind of wall mounts will be right for you. You want to know where you can watch TV and you can turn the TV to the right or left, which provides more options for watching TV and watching it. You can also install the wall bracket that tilts up and down, or you can clear the up and down wall brackets, and move left and right. Just think about your room and how it is located, and decide whether you want to offer yourself different options where you can sit. If you think you can sit in many different places, consider at least one rotary wall holder, if you do not have a hinged wall holder.there are a few things you need to pay attention on How to position your TV

TV size

Depending on the size of the TV you received, it will have a significant impact on the type of installation that you can purchase to match the installation. You can get many different sizes and weights for 22-inch TVs compared to 50-inch TVs. Proper fitting devices provide perfect support for a large TV so that it does not fall easily off the wall. One way to do this is: instead of just one hook to keep it on the wall, it is connected to many wall pots.

Wall type

The type of wall you have at home will indicate the type of installation for a home theater.  Fortunately, flat panel televisions can be easily installed on many different wall types. The Dowell detector is important, so you can easily get the Dowell Center which will keep the assembly equipment. If you have a solid wall made of concrete or roller blocks, you may need a solid anchor that provides a good, stable connection.

The mounting device type

There are many different TV mounting tools on the Internet, some of them have more features than others, and it boils down to how flexible you want in your place. Basically, you have a certain grip with a slight tilt or tilt, and you can have a tiltable mount that gives you up to 15 degrees, and you also have a full rotary base which is good to rotate. The TV offers the best viewing angle. Of course, the latter will also cost you more.

Hiding the cables

When you have a TV on the wall, the last thing you want is a lot of cables hanging from behind the TV. There are several ways to hide stars by installing a tape to hide the stars, or by setting up a wall panel that allows the physical joints to pass through the wall, so you can completely remove your eyes from the error. Perhaps the best option is to use the currently famous HDMI cable.

TV location on the wall

It is important to set up the TV so that it is slightly above the eye level to ensure the best viewing experience. If you have speakers, you also need to leave the space to be installed next to the TV.